With the DotComd websites there are many different capabilities that are available.  The main difference between all levels of sites depending on which features that you choose, is how much time was spent with regard to the design of your site.  The basic or standard dotcomd site comes with a very powerful interface to make just about any design type you can think of.  Beyond that, the site is totally scale-able and can be made for any business application needed. 

Our Prices are as follows:

$300/yr - DotComd Standard/Base website system which includes a homepage, contact us page, and 20 content pages which allow you to add / update / delete pages at your convenience. 

Inventory Database Options:
Add: $200/yr - Dealer Package - includes 1 picture per listing
Add: $200/yr - Product & Services Inventory SystemDotComd Dealer Option
Add: $200/yr - Unlimited Picture Per Listing Option
Add: $200/yr - Unlimited Video @ 40% compressed video quality option
Add: $1000/yr - Unlimited Video @ 70% compressed video quality option
Add: $2000/yr - Unlimited Video @ 100% video quality option (NOT COMPRESSED)

Website Design Options:
Add: $1000 - Flat Fee Design Option - We take your directions or vision and build a design that mirror's your needs.
Add: $100/hr - Pay per hour to design the graphics and implementation of your graphics into the existing dotcomd system.
Add: $2000 - Flat Fee Design for Custom HTML or CSS design & Custom Graphics. 
Add: $100/hr - Pay per hour to design the HTML or CSS for custom layouts & website design. 

Realtor Website Options - Northern Illinois MREDLLC IDX Territory ONLY.
Add: $200/yr - Agent website option
Add: $700/yr - Real Estate Broker / Office Website

Call one of our sales agents to learn reasons why you should be using this system for not only your main website system, but also for your additional sites to bring in leads!

A Word or Two about How Powerful a DotComd Site Really Is...

 The entire DotComd website system is a database powered Object Oriented dynamic website that is made up of many different files and parts of the website.  All standard display files that come with every website can be customized as much as any customer wishes to change.  Each site currently pulls their standard files from a central location.  To customize any part of the website, all we have to do is call the desired file from a local folder that is within the site and customize that file to your liking.  So if you want a layout that is different from what our sites look like currently we can customize any part of your site to look how you want it to look the way that you want.

Services We Offer

ColdFusion Programming
PHP Programming
Database Consulting
SQL Server
Web Hosting
Email Hosting
Banner Ad Hosting
Server Co-Location
Shared Exchange Server
Sharepoint Server 2003
Domain Names $9.95/yr ea.

DotComd Website Features

Your new DotComd website will use the same program which operates the official website. 

Server Technologies

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